Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The DeCarlo Family Reunion, July 4th Weekend!

I've been meaning to write about the DeCarlo family reunion, which took place over the July 4th weekend, in Pittsburgh, where both sides of my family are from.  I hadn't been to Pittsburgh since I was 9 years old.  So I met roughly 50 relatives for the first time.  GACK.  They were all friendly, warm people.  These posts will be image heavy!  The first is the reunion itself, which took place in a pavilion in the park (don't ask me which one).

Reunion pavilion
The pavilion with 70 DeCarlo descendants eating themselves sick. A longstanding family tradition.

 Reunion cake
The reunion cake, with a picture of my grandparents, in 1916.

Historical documents of various kinds.  Including my grandmother described as "a winsome lass."

"All The Gingers" lined up!  Who knew there were so many?  This was the color of my dad's hair when he was a boy. Later it became a spectacular strawberry blond.

Cousins lined up by age, oldest to youngest.  My brother Dean is the tallest one, behind my cousin Kathy. He is also the LAST male DeCarlo.  It seems the family gave birth to mostly girls.

 Roast pig
Ah, yes, the roast suckling pig, the centerpiece of any good Italian meal!