Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So...Supernatural Season 11...Welp...

As you can see, I skipped reviewing the Supernatural Season 10 finale because it was such a godawful crap fest I couldn't be bothered.  The Darkness?  Seriously?  My expectations for Season 11 are extremely low.

So.  I've seen the trailer and the photos of the new female cast member.  Color me deeply unimpressed, even angry.  And hurt in a strange way.  I've been watching this show for the past few years, and caught up on the first few seasons, and all I can say is:

Seriously, guys, are you even trying?

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But the Darkness emerging was so scary!

3x01_0044 demon smoke
Oh, wait, that's the beginning of Season 3. 

The Darkness engulfing Baby was REALLY scary!

Shit, that' s Season 6.

Wait, wait, there's an embodiment of evil in the shape of a young woman!

Damn it! This is Eve, Season 6.


 There's a Lizzie Borden episode!

 I should have known when Bruckner and Ross-Leming were in the trailer.

 photo Fuck this_zpsu56fewns.gif

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