Thursday, January 9, 2014

What We Did On Our Winter Vacation, Part Three: Sand Sculptures

Sorry I'm so lame about posting this stuff in timely fashion, but that's how it this.  This entry is about the sand sculpture contest that had been held two weeks earlier.  Sand sculptors from all over the world come and create amazing sand structures.  Some were blobby, but others were amazing in their intricacy.  I could see them from our room.  I'm only sorry that I didn't get a picture of the colored lights around each sculpture and the early morning lights along the boardwalk.  It was incredibly beautiful. Here is the sponsors' sculpture, which of course had to be done first:

Sponsor sand sculpture

Next, this is a sculpture that seemed creepy but okay... Sand sculpture 3 Closer... Sand sculpture 5

AAAAYEEEEEE!!!! Sand sculpture 4

Somehow after that soul-curdling experience, the other sculptures weren't quite as scary impressive.

Sand sculpture 2 Sand sculpture 1

As you can see, the beach was incredibly wide.  Jeff estimated the distance from the hotel to the water at half a mile. This was one of the views from our room to the water, with the sculptures visible.

View ocean

The yellow things are "cabanas."  Basically covered beach chairs, available at an exorbitant rent.  This was one of the days we spent lying around the hotel. Next up, Berns Steakhouse, which is in a former bordello!  I'll try to get to it in more timely fashion.

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