Saturday, March 29, 2014

Alan Rickman and John Kennedy Jr. - Blast From The Past

For two years, I worked on an autobiographical show, "Size Matters," at the then super-hot Westbeth Theater Center.  Eddie Izzard did his first major show, "Dressed To Kill" there.  Many, many celebrities came to see it.  I found this email to my sister from 1998:

We went downstairs for a drink after rehearsal [in the lobby].  And who should come in but the English actor Alan Rickman (tall, huge face, very obvious dyed chestnut hair).  He was accompanied by a guy who I was sure was William Kennedy Smith--the rapist Kennedy--and it seemed too weird, as if the main reason they knew each other was some club for the famous.

And then I see all the women around me go spastic, and I turn and I'm next to JFK Jr.  Sweaty and in workout gear!  I swear to God, I have never seen anyone have the effect on women he does.  I bet his dad had a similar effect.  Our bartender, Beth was the only one unaffected and was really annoyed as one woman after another came in and collapsed against the bar.  It was JUST like Elaine on "Seinfeld"! 
After he went into the theater, I watch the ushers and waitresses collapsing against each other in agonies of lust.  Eddie's girlfriend, this gorgeous Englishwoman named Christina, came in and grabbed the bar, moaning, while Beth said, "what's wrong with you?"  Quite a scene!

I remember standing next to him, and talk about GUH...sorry Alan Rickman had no effect on me, but he had SERIOUS competition!!

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