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What Ho, Winchesters! Review, Supernatural Season 10, Episode 6, "Ask Jeeves"

Pity the episode that has to follow Number 200!  It could be "The End," and it would still be overshadowed by the massive hype and fan-love "Fan Fiction" engendered.  Written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, directed by John MacCarthy, "Ask Jeeves" is a lightweight comic episode.  In terms of the series arc, it felt strange to have one now.  But then thank GOD Dean busted out his dark side at the end, when he emptied his gun into the MOTW.  Oops, spoiler. 

THEN:  Dean as a demon (good sign!), shapeshifters, werewolves, you name 'em, they got 'em.

 NOW:  A rich woman, Bunny Lacroix, has died.  Philip, the butler, instructs two young maids to 1) get burial clothes for Bunny 2) clean the bathrooms.  Already I know the one who cleans the toilets gets to live because the promo picture showed the detective dead in the toilet.  Young Maid #1 decides to steals Milady's pearls, but Milady shows up, large as life in Chanel, and Young Maid #1 falls off the balcony, crashes through a glass table, and dies. 

Something I've observed is that when Jared Padalecki doesn't like a script, he mugs.  Why have only one facial expression when you can have seven?  Jensen Ackles's coping mechanism is phoning it in.  He doesn't, but Jared's ceaseless facial expressions are distracting.  Dean and Sam are once again outside a fleabag motel--why are they not at the bunker?--drinking teeny cups of flavored coffee.

SPN_1006 3 
Don't you dare try to tell me this tastes like pie! 

Long story short:  Bobby has been summoned to the reading of Bunny's will.  Hoping for beer money, Sam and Dean head off to the Lacroix mansion.  There they are met by the Lacroix clan, a greedy group who can't stand each other.  I have a problem with casting a beautiful woman five years older than Jensen Ackles (Gillian Vigman) as a grotesque cougar, as is the other woman (Debra McCabe) lusting after Sam. 

SPN_1006 1 
As you can see, a woman around 40 is disgusting. Eew 

At one point Sam is on the couch, testing visitors with a silver butterknife down his cuff.  Cuddled next to one woman,"Come on in, darlin', the water's warm," he says to the other with a smile.  I don't remember much after that.  

There are some nice jokes: after Collette, the first maid, dies, Philip the butler covers up by saying she went to clown college.  For the rest of the episode she is referred to as "Clown College Collette" and it gets funnier every time.  The ladies are into Sam (as they should be).  Dean is referred to as "the cute, dumb one."  Sorry, can't remember the context! This episode is based on the board game "Clue," about which I haven't one.  

The bodies pile up, and the killer is a shapeshifter.  Bunny's daughter Olivia, masquerading as a maid.  Olivia's father was a shapeshifter with whom Bunny had an affair.

Let's pause there.  It must have been a blast to be with a guy who could be ANYONE you wanted, from John Wayne to Marilyn Monroe to Lance Armstrong.  

Bunny passed off the child as Lance's.  The original father came back to get her and was killed by Bobby.  Bunny locked Olivia in the attic for the rest of her life.  There isn't a whole lot of logic to the story, especially since the attic looks like no one had been up there in many years.  Maid outfit or no maid outfit, Olivia sucks at housecleaning.  Not knowing Bobby is dead (for now), Olivia summoned him to the will reading.

 spn_1006 4  
 The butler didn't do it.  Sam and Dean stand by and listen to the exposition. Dean is still mad about that coffee.

For those who drool over Sam Winchester, my main memories are the many times he got to show himself off like the man-cake he is.  When he and Olivia are circling around the kitchen with guns, I was more distracted by the lovely sheen of sweat at the base of Sam's neck then the tension.  His hair was short but oh-so-fluffy.

 SPN_1006 2  
 "Sorry, dude, but all the screencaps Elisa found are of me.  Can you blame her?" "Bitch."  

Dean gets the drop on Olivia and shoots her.  And shoots her. And shoots her and shoots her and shoots her and shoots her.  He is lit in close-up with his eyes hidden in shadow, making them look black.  

When it's time to leave, he almost punches out the one decent person there, a guy named Dash.  Sam looks concerned--now it's HIS turn--and asks Dean why did he empty an entire clip into the maid?  Dean blows him off with the kind of dangerous tone he used last season when he announced, "this is a dictatorship".  Then he leans over and cranks the music good and loud. That had me fist-pumping and yelling, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" at my cat.  My cat didn't give a crap. 

So that's it. I don't have much to say because...what can I say?  It was an entertaining hour, and one that I doubt I'll rewatch. 

Next week: "Girls, Girls, Girls".  Dean gets a dating app!  Crazed horny witches!  Crowley's--uh, oh, almost spoiled you there.  By one of my fave writers, Robert Berens. 


Does anyone actually use the word WASP any more? 

Did anyone else think the glass all over the floor around the maid looked fake?

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