Thursday, February 5, 2015

Twitter Is Not Good For Me :{

Whenever someone asks me if they should get on Twitter, I always say, "don't". Like Facebook used to be, Twitter is a massive timesuck in which you have "convos" with dozens of imaginary friends. It used to be that I did roughly ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes at night, maybe a little bit during the day. But now I'm hanging around like it's the parking lot behind the grocery store where they have some old benches and a picnic table. Me and my Twitter peeps.

With the "notifications" feature, it has become a major addiction. I already tweet a lot, so to see "notifications" -- ah, the satisfaction of being favorited! Retweeted! A random stranger tweeting "LOL"! 

How else would I promote my novel?  And my fabulous self?

I'm Miss Addictive Personality. After almost 16 years of being sober, having to eat less and drink less coffee, it's like all of my vices are being taken away. But--TWITTER!

This would be easier if I didn't have a desktop PC. So when I'm tweeting I'm confined to my desk; not making dinner, or riding the subway, or lazing on my couch watching TV. On recent occasions I have spent several hours on Twitter. Afterwards my eyes hurt and my brain has that weird fried/empty feeling too much internet gives me.

It's so much fun to post pics like this - HOW CAN I STOP??
I have met some great people on Twitter.  Thoughtful interesting people with whom I can enjoy phone calls and even real life meetings.  How do I stay in touch without being on Twitter, and searching their timelines for fun stuff?  I only interact with people I consider smart, funny, and original.

BUT Tuesday night, after Supernatural's enjoyable episode "About A Boy," I spent two hours on Twitter progressively wrecking my pleasure in the episode. The show has a lot of problems, I know that. But focusing exclusively on the same old same old subjects, getting angry, frustrated where I didn't START that way...the next morning I felt kind of crappy.

I don't know if I can curb my addiction. Any time I have to do something, I click Twitter. There I can make jokes, silly observations, and respond to tweets. I crack up over other people's comments.  Most of you are on Twitter, you know how it is.

It was even hard to write this without clicking on Twitter. Maybe I should deactivate my account--but, but I have 2200 followers!

They like me! They really like me!

I feel pathetic right now.

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