Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gratitude List

I haven't written a personal entry in ages, and I've been thinking about gratitude. I suggested to a friend that she make a list of things she's grateful for.  In AA I learned to do that, and after all of the drama of the past few weeks, it's time to make my own gratitude list.

1) Jeff.  I love him and couldn't be married to anyone else, trust me. We make each other laugh, enjoy each others company, and other private stuff. He leaves cut-up fruit on the kitchen counter before he leaves for work, such as oranges and strawberries. Most important: he puts a cup of coffee on my bed side table every morning. Priorities, people!

2) Fletcher. My crazy little dog gives me all the goodies that dogs give (and no, I don't mean poop). He's hilarious and loves to snuggle. He makes me laugh when I'm down. He likes naps.

3) Cleo and Rupert, my cats.  Cleo demands petting when I wake up at night. She's right there because she sleeps on Jeff's head. Rupert likes to lie next to me when I watch TV. They both like to knock things over, and I live in fear that Cleo will puke into the cable box.  Not so grateful for that.

4) My health. Tremendously grateful for that. Yes, I' m disabled, and mentally ill, but them's the cards I've been dealt. From the neck down, my health is excellent.

5) Our beautiful apartment. Yes, we rent and don't own. But it's large, sunny and comfortable. And it has five huge closets!

6) Being intelligent. It feels like bragging, and it's a mixed bag, but I'm glad I am. It helps me to feel better about what an emotional and social spaz I can be.

7) Confidence in my ability as a writer.

8) The play collection, a validation of my years as a playwright.  The amazing reaction to "The Abortionist's Daughter" from readers.  How much people enjoy my writing, comments, notes, reviews on Amazon.

9) 20/20 vision in my 50s. Boo-yah!

10) Twitter...I am such an addict. I've gotten to interact with House writer Doris Egan, one of my idols, who gave her blessing to The House Dialogues . Also fun silly conversations with friends, Supernatural writers, and many others. An alter-ego is a very good thing.

11) My friends, on and off line.  Some you know how special you are to me.

12) My family, including the DeCarlos I have yet to meet!

Okay, that's enough!  

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