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The Queen Is Taken Off The Board - Supernatural, 9x21 "King of The Damned"

Dear readers, I am flummoxed.  I have little of import to say about this episode, written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner, directed by "Joe Pesce" (what, you think I'd pass up an opportunity like that?). I've going to save the sophisticated criticism and analysis for the other folks. Here's a few things:

The cinematography.  The show tried a lot of new things, such as the way the interrogation was shot from the the angel's point of view.  The seedy neighborhood where Cas and Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett) meet--as I've written before, this is the sort of realism that grounds "Supernatural."

spn_921 Seedy neighborhood
"Cas, we couldn't meet at a nice restaurant?"

Not much Cas, and the off-hand reference to killing Malachi was lame.  But he hugged both of them!  That was so damn cute.  Where do these angels keep getting these sophisticated war rooms?  Whatever happened to Bart's huge church?

D:“You’re a fan. Look, just cuz you’re hot for Metatron or Bieber or Beckham, just cuz you know everything about them doesn’t mean that you actually know them.”
S:"Or  they even know you exist."
D:"Oh, that's cold!"

I thought the fan references were hilarious and on-point.  Get over it. The whole scene was made of win.  Sam can be SUCH a bitch (as in "Remember The Titans").  Becky the Wincesting fangirl was hilarious. "Stop touching me."  "I can't."  Get over it. If "Supernatural" can make fun of itself in every conceivable way, it can make fun of its fans.

spn_921 Dean Sam interrogation
"If you think we're going near tumblr after this, you've got to be kidding."

The demons have sold out Crowley to Abbadon.  “You betrayed me?," Crowley snarls at his board of directors. "No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.” Abbadon (Alaina Huffman) looks absolutely gorgeous.  She's brought back Crowley's son, Gavin McLeoud (hee!) as a bargaining chip.  Played by Theo Devaney with cute Scottish accent and nice shirt.  Due to Crowley having human feelings, he ends up caving and saving his son before Abbadon kills him.

spn_921 Abbadon
"Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.  Hate me because I'm a kill-happy monster."

Gavin should be the spin-off, except it would be "Sleepy Hollow" without a monster--yet.  Despite the bad wig, he's sexy and adorable and HIS FATHER IS CROWLEY.

spn_921 Gavin and city
"Holy Mother of God! I don't smell cow shit!"

Crowley.  That Is All.  He's been a Big Bad and is an untrustworthy shit, but I swear to Christ, if they kill him off I will have to take steps.

spn_921 Father and son
Father and son in a leisure moment. Gavin wonders what "golf" is.

Crowley has hidden the first blade in a corpse (nice touch).  Before they can dive in and get it out, a hellhound chases them into a crypt.  Dean calls Crowley and puts him on speaker phone: "Juliet. It's Papa.  Stand down."  There is a slight whimper and the sound of clicking toenails (hee!).  I still have no idea why Juliet was there, even after repeated viewings.

spn_921 Juliet

spn_921 Sam blade
Don't kid us, Dean. It might be disgusting, but you want it so bad.

The scene where Dean kills Abbadon is incredible.  For everyone bitching about Abbadon's death, remember, she's been killed twice already.  First beheaded with a devil's trap bullet and cut into pieces, then Sam burns her meatsuit to death, and now this.  Yes, I'm sorry she won't be around, but that shot of Dean literally lifting her up into the air when he kills her was fucking fantastic.

spn_921 Dean kills Abbadon
Dean's face! EEEEK!

Sam's hair.  Oh, those wily creatives, they knew all of us would come in our panties when Sam enters with the wind howling in the room and his hair flying all over the place!
spn_921 Sam hair 1
"The New York Times said my hair was the most important thing about the show!"

Sam snapping his brother out of the killing rage.  Dean looking up, dazed, covered in blood, after stabbing the shit out of Abbadon.

spn_921 Sam talks Dean down

spn_921_Dean kill aftermath

Crowley bids Gavin farewell.  Crowley, you're not even going to give your son a map?  A copy of  "Catcher In The Rye"?  Anything?

spn_921 Crowley Gavin
"We both know I should be the spin-off. Orlando Jones would jizz in his trousers."

There's been some speculation that Crowley leaving his son alive in 2014 makes his death in "Weekend At Bobby's" impossible.  Usually I'd be all over this like stink on cheese, but who gives a crap?  It will screw up everything somehow, and that is what's important!  Priorities, people!

THE SCENE IN THE CAR!  Sam even changes position for the first time in...forever?  Love his mama hen concern for Dean, and Dean's complete honesty about the Blade.

spn_921 Sam dean car
Dean, you want to reconsider becoming the next Charles Manson.

So, now Dean is "King of The Damned."  I can't wait to see how that plays out.

Next week, more stuff!  With extra stuff!

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