Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prince and Morris Day, Part Two

More Prince-O-Rama!

This is "Tricky", Prince and Morris goofing around in the early days. So worth listening to! If this doesn't make you smile, you are in a coma.   It starts out with Morris, but that's Prince on the vocals, tearing Bootsy Collins a new one!

You can kinda see why.

At the end they refer to "Johnny," i.e. Johnny Carson, legendary host of The Tonight Show.

Here's the backstory from someone named madhouseman:

The song was recorded at Sunset Sound on Wednesday February 1, 1984 (drifting into the morning of Feb. 2). The session started at 7 PM. For 6 hours, Prince, Morris (I think you can also hear Jerome) and a few others goofed off in the studio. Prince was playing the bass (supposedly while wearing gloves) and keyboards, while Morris played the drums. They were supposedly singing about Bootsy Collins . It is obvious that Prince and Morris were having fun, so some of the tension they had during the recording of ICE CREAM CASTLE was behind them.   The funny thing is they were using studio 2, so they had to take a microphone down thru the main recording area, down the hall to the bathroom where the toilet flush had to be cued for the end of the song.

Ed McMahon, comedian Dom Deluise, Johnny Carson, 1976

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